We provide onsite spinning of our delicious all natural, gluten free cotton candy!

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Petite Package

$275 + tax

The PETITE package is perfect for small parties, luncheons, & showers. This package can serve up to 60 people.

1 Hour of Cart Service

3 Flavors of Choice
Edible Toppings

*Infused alcohol is additional


Soiree Package

$450 + tax

The SOIREE package is perfect for cozy wedding receptions, graduations parties, family reunions and so much more. This package can serve up to 100 people.

2 Hours of Cart Service
4 Flavors of Choice
Edible Toppings 

*Infused alcohol is additional


Gala Package

Starts at $675 + tax

The GALA package is perfect for large weddings, corporate events, premieres and launches. This package can serve from 150 to 200 people

2.5 Hours of Cart Service
Two Machines
4 Regular Flavors of Choice
1 Infused Flavor
Edible Toppings

*Infused alcohol is additional



Toppings: Garlic Cheese, Cheese, Cinnamon, Pickles, Bacon and Butter


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